There are multiple exercises someone can do, mentally, to stay inspired and push toward their goals. One of those exercises I have seen pop up on several blogs and podcasts. The idea is to think of someone that exemplifies where you want to be. Analyze how they got there. What they do on a daily basis to maintain. This exercise can be applied to any sort of goal.

I hadn’t done this exercise. For some reason the task seemed daunting. Now that I have started thinking about it, I think it was fear that was stopping me. Let me explain…

Yesterday I got to spend time with someone that had a very positive energy and amazing outlook on life. It was inspiring. This person is where I want to be. It got me thinking about why. What is stopping me from being there?

fearLast night I decided to dig a little deeper. I thought about all of the people in my life that embody that positivity. I thought about each person individually. How did they get there? How do they continue to be so positive with so much adversity in the world?

I came to several conclusions.

  1. They all have learned how to stay present.
  2. They are all very passionate people. While their interests differ wildly, from power-lifting to politics, their drive and focus is impressive.
  3. They have all made sacrifices to get where they are.

The first two items in the list I work on daily. But the last one… I realized I am consciously avoiding thinking about. Why? Fear.

I know there are some major changes I need to make in my life in order to get to where I want to be. There are sacrifices I need to make. There are fears that I need to overcome. I know the big steps I need to take, but I am letting fear stop me.

Yesterday as I am having coffee, with this person that is where I want to be, I was talking about my journey thus far. I used the term “Baby steps”. I received a skeptical look. He said to me, ‘why are you taking baby steps? You should at least be walking.’ I didn’t realize it at the time but the answer is fear.