Those of you that have met me know that my clumsiness alone would stop me from ever being a real ninja. Ha! But these days I feel like one. Let me explain.

Sitting at home, after a short IM conversation with someone I used to date, I looked up to the sky and thanked the universe. Thank you for helping me dodge so many bullets, I said out loud. I had spent 20 years of my life in one relationship or another. Never alone.

It would have been so easy for me to fall right back into that pattern after my separation. Using a relationship for my own validation.

Sitting at home that night, after expressing gratitude to the universe, I started to think back over the last few years. At the beginning, I avoided traps I would have fallen into in the past by chance. But as I became more self-aware I was able to recognize them (not always) for what they were.

trust yourself

This was true, not just in relationships but, in other aspects of my life as well. I could see

where 5 years ago I would have made a different decision that would have  likely been damaging to myself. I could see what I had learned and potentially avoided.

This realization gave me a sense of confidence in my ability to spot these traps and avoid them, kind of like a ninja. The great thing about gaining confidence in this area is now I feel like I can take more risks. I trust myself to make better decisions.