daily routineSomething I recommitted to recently is doing my Daily Intentions every day. Each morning, after yoga, I spend 5-20 minutes doing this. I’m calling it Daily Intentions for lack of a better name, totally open to suggestions. It is a combination of meditation, setting my intentions for the day and a pep talk. I wanted to share my process with everyone in case there is something helpful you can incorporate in your morning routine.

I start in a seated, cross-legged position with my eyes closed, like for meditation. Any comfortable position will do though. I start by taking several deep breaths and focusing on them.

Once I feel relaxed and focused, I look forward to my day. What are the truly important things I need to accomplish that day? It shouldn’t be more than two or three things. I tell myself these are the only things I need to get done. Everything else would just be bonus. I remind myself if x, y and z don’t get done (not on the list of critical items) it will be fine. In the past, I’ve so easily gotten stressed over little things not getting done. This is me giving myself permission to let all of those things go if I need to.

After I’ve set my expectations of myself for the day, I visualize myself having an awesome day. If I know I have anything coming up that day that I will struggle with or will be stressful, I visualize it going well. Do I need to give a presentation at work? Have a tough talk with my ex or a co-worker? I think about how I will handle it.

Then there is the pep talk. It sounds cheesy I know. I remind myself how strong I am and how I deserve to be where I am. I tell myself that I am enough. All of these thoughts really help set the tone for my day.

Lastly is simply some meditation. Just some time being present. I’m usually sitting outside. So, I focus on the sounds around me, the feel of my yoga mat beneath me, the breeze on my skin, the warmth of the air.

Having my Daily Intentions be a part of my morning routine has been wonderful. I really think it puts me in a great mood. One thing I need to try is touching base in the middle of the day. Maybe a short session to reflect on those intentions from the morning on the days I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed. It’s easy to let the hustle and bustle of the day carry you away.