Something that has made a HUGE difference in my life in the last year was becoming more self aware. I could talk about the benefits of self awareness for days but I will spare you. You’re welcome. Haha! Instead I wanted to share a few ways being more self aware has drastically changed my life. Hopefully it inspires you to pay a little more attention to what your body is saying to you.

I had spent almost 40 years of my life ignoring my true self. Probably starting when my father passed away at age 6. Carrying on through grade school. I was picked on a lot so I learned to not have an opinion (unless it agreed with everyone else). Through High School where I learned that the easiest way to get attention was from boys. The majority could have cared less about my thoughts and opinions. Then on through a 10 year abusive relationship and a 12 year relationship/marriage to a narcissist.

Breaking this cycle wasn’t easy and was REALLY scary. When I first started this process I went through a period of depression. Uncontrollable crying for at least a week. I was feeling so many emotions that I had buried so many years ago. That’s when I realized I truly had no clue who I was. I decided I needed to become more self aware. There is no better way to start learning more about myself.

self-awareI have seen a big jump in my productivity overall after becoming more self aware. I realized I am a true morning person. I feel very energized in the morning and I wasn’t taking advantage of that. I started doing some of the things I would normally do in the evening (while trying to take care of kids and cook dinner) and moved them to the morning. I was trying to be productive in the evenings and I was getting frustrated at myself, the kids and the dog. By altering when I did the bulk of my daily duties I am able to feel less stress in the evenings and I am getting a lot more done.

My eating habits have changed. First let me say that I am not trying to diet or lose weight. I get that question a lot when I tell people about my journey. But by paying attention to what my body is craving and when I’m hungry I have started organically losing weight. I noticed I always felt tired and sluggish after eating fast food. I’m not saying I have stopped eating fast food completely but I often times make the choice not to because I now know the affects. I’m also drinking alcohol less. As most of you know I LOVE craft beer and cigars. While I still enjoy a few beers and a cigar with my friends, it is a lot less frequent.

One of the best things being more self aware has shown me is what makes ME happy. I have learned that I love dancing. I dance around the house every single day while I’m doing my housework. I realized how much I love hiking. I feel so at peace during and after a hike. I’ve also been playing around with art. Drawing, photography, etc. I have realized all of these things make my soul happy. They help me keep balance in my life.