I have always been interested in continued learning as an adult. But my excuse, “I don’t have time.” In my mind, it required long hours of reading and research. Based on that perception, no, I didn’t have time. Audio learning opened up a whole new world to me.


My love of audio learning started only three or four months ago. In my battle to reduce stress and anxiety in my life I came across a podcast called The Daily Boost. It’s a 10 minute podcast that reminds you to focus on your goals and ways to make it a priority. I loved it, so I wanted more.

My next discovery was the Optimal Living Daily podcast. It’s a daily podcast that is usually around 10 minutes. The creator/host finds great articles on topics like personal development, minimalism and productivity and reads them to you. I could easily listen to three or four articles on my way to work. Listening daily helps me stay focused on my goals and keep perspective.

I was loving all of these new ideas and information. I wanted to know what else I could learn about while driving, doing dishes, etc. I quickly found there is so much incredible content out there. It was overwhelming and I wanted to listen to everything!

Don’t forget the thousands of audiobooks available on audible.com, Amazon or even the local library. The possibilities are endless. You could learn a new language, increase your job skills, almost anything you can think of. Why not?

Personally I gravitate toward podcasts. They are generally shorter and that gives me more flexibility. I currently have three podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.

Optimal Living Daily – Justin Malik narrates blogs to spoken edition on Self Help, Improvement and Lifestyle Design for Motivation and Inspiration.

Stuff You Should Know – Join Josh and Chuck s they explore the Stuff You Should Know about. Everything from genes to the Galapagos.

The Podcast History Of Our World – It’s the history of our world from the Big Bang to the Modern Age! Well… eventually at least.

I usually listen to Optimal Living Daily or some Ted Talks on the way to work. It helps get me in the right mindset to take on my day. The other two I listen to while walking the dog or after work. Who ever thought I would be interested in how the Census is conducted, how flea circuses work, the Hyksos or Underground Living in Beijing?

I encourage everyone to see what’s out there. Don’t let “not enough time” be your excuse.