In the past couple of years I have worked very hard to accept my past was necessary as a part of my journey. Accepting that it was all required to make me who I am, because that is who I need to be. Recently I realized I was still resisting situations I didn’t “want” in the present.

I haven’t fully accepted that the present is also a part of my journey. While I fully understand the concept, putting it into practice is harder than I expected. I’m trying to break an almost 40 year old habit.

How am I trying to move towards acceptance of the present? One way is to change how I think about adversity in my life. In the past I would say, “Why me?”, “Can’t I ever catch a break?”, “Things will be better when…” Every one of these thoughts is a negative view of the present. Instead I try to ask myself, “What am I supposed to learn from this?”

This doesn’t just apply to the bad things that happen in my life. It’s also the good things, the people I meet and the choices I make. I have to remain open and aware. There is always a lesson to learn.