I have spent a lot of time thinking, talking and writing about learning the lessons the universe puts in front of me. Lately I’ve noticed a shift though. I’m still always watching for the lessons, but I’m also now aware of opportunities presented to me to share what I’ve learned… to inspire others.


The amount of pride I felt when I realized I was healthy enough (mentally/emotionally) to be able to help others was amazing. The old version of me would have assumed she had nothing valuable to offer. And at the time, with all my internal struggles, I needed to be focusing on myself anyway.

In the past couple of months there were several occasions when friends or family members came to me with issues they were struggling with. I was able to take what I have learned and give them helpful advice. In some cases, the person wasn’t ready to hear the advice I had to give. But I planted the seed. Hopefully some day that seed will grow into an idea. A little reminder.

What an amazing feeling it is being able to give back. So, while it is critical to continue to look for the lessons in life. Also, look for the opportunities to share what you learn.