Over the last year I have started making some big changes. I finally made myself a priority. By practicing meditation, mindfulness and self-care I am much happier. I recently realized there was a missing component. I am not showing myself much compassion. Self compassion is a critical piece of self love and I had been ignoring it. 

A couple of days ago I was checking in with myself, as I often do. I noticed I had been more stressed than normal. After a little digging, I realized I had been letting other people’s opinion’s of me get to me. This was causing a ripple affect of negativity throughout my day.

I immediately got frustrated with myself. Hadn’t I already made it past this part of the process? When am I going to learn my lesson? It quickly spiraled to, maybe I can’t do this.

Harsh, right? Once I recognized the negative internal commentary I reached out to someone for some guidance and meditated for a bit. I calmed down and reminded myself that their problems with me were just that. THEIR problems, not mine.

While it was great that I identified and redirected, I still wasn’t showing myself any compassion. This was my opportunity to practice.

But how? I imagined someone I loved going through the same thing. What would I say to them? How would I treat them? How would I feel about them? That’s when I started to see myself a little differently. I started to feel compassion for myself.

I’m sure I have subconsciously shown myself compassion before but I’m sure it was rare. I have always been pretty hard on myself. This time I took the time and noticed how I felt when I showed myself compassion. It was quickly obvious why it was so important my to self care.

You can never truly heal from past trauma until you show yourself compassion. ❤