One of the many benefits of self awareness is the ability to notice when you are getting off track. I had stopped using my habit tracker because I was doing great with all of the routines I wanted to incorporate. Then when the move came, followed by the end of the school year I started making excuses.

I decided I needed to correct course. So I am getting back to basics. I downloaded my habit tracker again. I added all of the things I know make me feel great when they are a part of my daily routine; meditation, yoga and journaling.

nourish.jpgThose three specific habits incorporated into my daily routine, everyday, makes such a difference in my mood. I was doing these, but not everyday and i could tell the difference.

Every morning, hopefully before my son wakes up, I roll my yoga mat out on the back deck for some sun salutations. This, in itself, is like a morning meditation. At the end I always take a few minutes to set my intentions for the day and I give myself a little pep talk. It puts me in a good mindset for the day.

Every night I get out my journal and write three things I was grateful for that day and why. I’ve found simply adding the why really helps. Makes you think about why you are truly grateful for those things and makes you appreciate them that much more.

I also meditate each night at least 10 minutes. It helps me let go of anything I was holding onto from the day. This leads to a much better nights sleep for me.

Recognizing I was off course and self correcting gave me another opportunity to practice self compassion as well. My practice is paying off because the old me would have started with the negative self talk as soon as I recognized I was making excuses. ‘Come on Sara!’ ‘You are just being lazy’ ‘This is too hard’ But not this time. My mind went straight to being proud of myself for recognizing the problem and how to fix it.

Sometimes it’s not about big monumental tasks and adventures. Getting back to my basic daily routines is what I needed to feel balanced. This support is what my mind and body needs to take on those large, significant changes. ❤️