After I went through months of learning to be alone, I began to really enjoy it. Most of my time without my kids I spent alone. Fernando, my dog, and I would go walking, hiking or camping. I also enjoyed reading and just relaxing outdoors.

There came a point that it wasn’t enough though. Loneliness was creeping in again. Several people close to me suggested I start dating again. On one hand I don’t know that I’m ready and on the other, I feel like when the time is right for me to meet somvibeeone it will happen. So, I needed a different option.

The answer was that it was time to get out and start making connections. Not just any connections though. I needed to connect with positive, inspiring people that were interested in the things I was interested in. It was time to make the next evolution.

What I absolutely love about this journey is by the time I realized I needed to do this, so many opportunities had already been teed up for me by the universe. They came either through Facebook groups or just reconnecting with old like minded friends I had lost touch with.

One important thing to note, and a recent podcast I heard really brought it home, is they need to be the right people. I’ve had to let go of several friends in the last 6 or 7 months. It doesn’t mean I don’t love and care for all of them. It was a matter of needing to remove negativity. Also, the fact that what I enjoy as a past-time has changed greatly over the last couple of years. You can’t be scared to choose not to participate in friendships that aren’t good for you.

Another thing I love about these new positive, inspiring connections is what it says about me. Like attracts like. It tells me my positive vibes are getting out there and people see it. Some people are telling me I have inspired them to be more positive and make changes. That’s incredible!

Finding the right connections is the answer, not dating. I feel like the old version of me would have immediately gone back to dating to fill that loneliness void. Not that dating itself is bad. But if you are using it to avoid loneliness it is.

I’m so excited to see what my life will bring next. With these new connections comes new ideas, experiences and more inspiration. ❤️